Mew 2.2.0 : Restart RB to Auto-Update or use the in #mew-faq if you're still in 1.6 (CN mostly)
- Last ExBuddy update required

@ Mew :
+ CN Translations for 5.0

@ General :
+ 5.0 Manual, Squadron Manual and Medecines for the Buff Keeper.
+ [EN] StealthApproach should no longer stealth with the last ExBuddy update

@ Unown :
+ 5.1 Items : Sandalwood Sap & Beryllium Ore as 1 Star items
+ Fix Raw Onys & Tungsten Ore Collectability rotation.

@ TL;DR :
+ 5.1 Update & CN Translations

@ Possible Issues :
- If something isn't translated or not showing while it hsould, try to reset mode/the mode to regenerate the default data.

@ Dev's Note :
+ I'm trying to find a new way to track issues & suggestions others than just the discord. Because sometimes I can't work for a few days and I miss/forget some report.
+ I was thinking to try Trello but if anyone have an other suggestion, @me in dm/#general plz.
+ It'll also need to be accessible for anyone with a simple link so everyone can see.

- Last ExBuddy update required